2012 What a Year

Well as 2012 wraps up I can’t help but to think what a year it has been. I set some goals around this time last year and by and large have hit all of them.

A few personal highlights of the year.

Getting to go to the Digital Summit at Mountain View in May and seeing the GooglePlex and getting to meet Johnny Roquemore, Raleigh Burke, Farran Lee, Andy Bohm, Mohamed Mansour, Josh Armour, Carter Gibson, Grant Cardone, Jim Bell, and many more.

Buying a new home. Although we haven’t closed yet it looks like we will be in the next few days. It is going to be fun to have a nice new home with tons of room my kids to play and a great big kitchen for my soon to be announced cooking show.

Earning my Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Blue Belt. I have been training three years now. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu has very much become a part of my personality. It helps me stay in shape. Alleviates stresses that life can throw my way. I am a member of a great team and my coach is top notch in every sense of the word. To have been able to earn my blue belt under Coach Simmler is an honor and l look forward to furthering my BJJ game in 2013.

My Blog. This site started as kind of a” fly by the seat of my pants ” site intended to help me put myself out there both personally and professionally. In an industry where people are branding themselves and sharing their thoughts and life for all the world to see, I was reluctant to put myself out there. Thanks to the sound advice of a vendor friend I have known over 10 years now, I took the leap and I am glad I did. Blogging has been a rewarding experience and has blossomed other aspects of my interests and I gather will continue to do so in 2013.

Family First. This year, as I did embark on more social networks than ever before I did have to make a point to shut down the ” wired at the hip, connected 24/7/365 ” that entraps so many of us. Don’t get me wrong I spend a fair amount of time on Google+, Twitter, Facebook, etc… but like anything I believe in an everything in moderation approach. It is difficult but shutting it down allows me to spend quality time with my wife and kids.

New York City HIRL 2… In August I was able to take a weekend and hit NYC for the first time in my life. Met so many great people that I have been “hanging out ” with over the last year and half ( too many to name). I got to see both Rebecca Perl and Ryan Van Sickle perfom at the Living Room. I participated in my first Photo Walk and had a great time walking around the city, taking photos and chatting with other Google+ people.

All in all it has been a great eye opening year in many ways. I look forward to what 2013 has in store. Onward and upward.

Author: Dan Fontaine

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