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My name is Daniel Fontaine and I have lived in Central Massachusetts my entire life. Leading into my late teens and early twenties I had an interest in acting and was fortunate to land some small roles in locally produced films. From 1996 through 1999 I was the vocalist for a Worcester based punk, Ska metal band, Special 79. The performer in me felt at home in front of people. I thoroughly enjoyed being in limelight  in front of people and entertaining.

I met my wife in 1993 and we have been together since. She is incredible and I am fortunate to have here as my partner on the road of life. We have two wonderful children that keep us on our toes. With the spare time I have, I enjoying playing with my kids, working in my garden, golf, snowboarding and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and gaming on the PS3.

I work in the Automotive Industry as the E-Commerce Director of the Colonial Automotive Group. I have been with Colonial for 10 years now.

I started as a salesperson at Colonial Volkswagen in 2001. Over the next two years I learned everything I could about automotive sales and Volkswagens. I was a steady performer but I would be lying if I said I was a ” top performer ” .

In early 2003 I was tasked with handling the internet process for the dealership. I quickly became familiar with the ins and outs of internet prospecting within the a dealership.

Over the next 24 months I was able to hone my skills even further and had familiarized myself with the various software systems that were required to excel as an internet sales manager. At the same time Colonial was growing and expanding. There was a good amount of turnover in the sale departments at our new locations and I was frequently being asked by corporate to go and train the new internet teams.

As a result I was promoted to the newly created position of Group Training and Support Manager. I still had some day to day responsibilities with Colonial Volkswagen but I was now tasked with training supporting 9 locations internet personel as well editing and maintaining content on our company websites. I worked with Cobalt, Dataone Software, Reynolds Web Solutions, monitored our merchandising factors for Auto Malls such as cars.com and Autotrader.com.

In January 2010 I was promoted to Group E-Commerce Director. We now have 14 locations serving Eastern Massachusetts. I work closely with the sales management teams and internet teams to work to meet our monthly benchmarks and objectives. I still edit virtually all the company websites. I still work with Cobalt and also Dealer.com for our OEM related sites. For our Colonial operated sites we use a local company Captive Lead. We have over 20 sites in total and I have my hands full keeping them updated.

I pride myself in being a thoughtful and honest both personally and professionally, I am passionate, a bit chatty at times and eager to keep my ear to rail and stay on top of the ever changing landscape of the digital age and its impact on automotive dealerships.

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