Google Places to Google Plus Local for Dealerships

The times they are a changing

Ok so I know that since Google Plus Local launched roughly two weeks ago and unseated Google Places there have been a fair number of Dealerships wondering about the ins and outs of claiming their Google Plus Local Business page.

Like many dealership groups our Google Places for Business account was set up under a dealership controlled gmail account. Also like a fair amount of dealerships my Google Plus business pages were set up under my personal gmail account. Reason being is that I wanted the access to my business pages to be at my finger tips and like most that means being tied into the gmail they have open the most, which is the personal account.

On top of that, when Google Plus pages first launched we couldn’t admin the pages to add additional users or managers. These variables resulted in a some potentially unwanted side effects now that Google Places has become Google Plus Local. Now people ( including myself) are wary on how to claim their Google Plus Local pages. If you make a mistake when it comes to your accounts in Google it can be virtually impossible to undo them if they have an undesirable side effect.

Today I reached out to an acquaintance at the Google offices in Boston that works on the G+ for business team. I asked him if he would be willing to join me in a hangout to help me navigate these unknown waters. I was thrilled when he said he was busy but could join me for a few to answer my questions.

Simple How-to on how to switch from Google Places to Google Plus Local for Dealerships

  •  Log into the gmail that you use to admin your Google Places for Business. If you haven’t yet, upgrade that gmail account to a Google Plus account. It takes two minutes and you can skip all the suggested users stuff.
  • Click Google Plus Local from the ribbon on the left.

Screen of Google Plus Local Ribbon

  • Search for your business name with City or Town added. Click business name,Google Plus Local

This will bring you to your Google Plus Local page.

Google Plus Local Page 1

  • Scroll down your Google Plus Local Page and on the right hand side you will see a section that says Is this your Business? with a Manage this Page button underneath it.Manage your page
  • Click that and it will return you to your Google Places for Business page and you have claimed ownership of your dealerships Google Plus Local page.

Big thanks to Matt and Zack from Google Boston for the assist on this one. I really appreciate it. I hope this how-to for Google Places to Google Plus Local for Dealerships helps you and you dealership make the transitions.

Google Plus Local has a ton to offer dealership and small businesses and if you are not taking the time to optimize and claim your listings now there is a chance you will regret it later. Onward and Upward!

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BJJ Hangouts On Air

BJJ Hangouts on Air, back from our Hiatus

So last night I broke from the normal routine of only doing BJJ hangouts from Worcester MMA/ Simmler Brazilian Jiu Jitsu on Wednesday and did our first Monday HOA.

BJJ Hangouts on Air at Worcester MMA_Simmler BJJ

Baby Steps, one must crawl before they can walk

Since starting BJJ Hangouts On Air we have had 3 episodes. I am getting acclimated to getting everything set up and ready in a timely manner. Last evening I did run into some issues with the camera freezing and before learning the trick to unlock the C910 I use I had to restart the hangout twice. it appear that usb connection was a little dodgy.

That was the only minor set back I watched some of the footage while having breakfast this morning and have quickly edited it down between the three different hangouts to 1 hour 16  minutes.


During the class we covered a Non Cross choke scissor sweep and two effective passes to side control. Where I was having issues with the camera and usb and I didn’t get the cam right on top of the techniques as they were being shown but I hope to be able to resume a 2 camera set up on Wednesday to fully cover the techniques. Also, you can see them and hear them on the video.  I will be posting the video as soon as it is ready here in this post.

Spreading the love

The other awesome thing about last nights hangout is that I embedded here on Love the HOA embed feature and last night was the first time I have taken advantage of it.

Thus far I have only typically invited a few people that I have participated in the non On Air Hangouts to sit in, last night I did the same but they were not able to join. I did however  tweet it out and posted to our facebook group and although our viewership numbers were not staggering it is a start.

I look forward to sharing BJJ with those who wish to watch hopefully 2 times a week moving forward. Every Monday and Wednesday at 6PM we will be holding our BJJ Hangouts On Air on Google+, youtube and here on

Check back for updates and be sure to follow me and academy on Google+ and Twitter!