Tax Day Flash Sale on Google Play

If you have been looking to add to your music collection, today is the day. Today for one Day only, Google Play is offering a Tax Day Flash sale with a good number of albums for only $2.99 each.

Save on Tax Day on Google Play

There is one and a quarter pages to of albums to choose from. Not a ton but if there is something there that you have been looking for, it is an incredible deal.

They have Best of David Bowie, The Velvet Underground, Moment of Truth from Gang Starr ( RIP Guru ), Sublime, Shania Twain, Weezer, Reasonable Doubt, Beck and much more.

Check it out and get a great deal today!

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Google Plus Tip #2

Here is Google Plus Tip #2

Here is a quick tip if you are a new hangouts. This little gem was originally bestowed upon me by Bobbi Jo Woods, if you want to have people be notified when you invite them to a hangout, simply create a circle with 24 or less people in it. When you invite that circle to a hangout, they will be notified and if you are connected with them via chat they will receive a chat invitation.

If you want to let more than 24 people know that you are inviting them to a hangout, it is easy, just create multiple hangout circles each with less than 24 in them and voila!