I just joined Movember on team #swag

Today I joined #Movember as a member of Team #swag. Please visit my ” mo space ” page to donate this Movember to help raise awareness about Prostate Cancer and mens health. I plan on documenting my stache here and on G+. Donations of any denomination greatly appreciated. http://www.movember.com/m/2204484

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New Look Gmail just DROPPED!

I was just watching my G+ Stream and I saw Rick Storms post that the new Gmail was available to try on by selecting new look on the bottom right of your gmail. I bounced over to my gmail and clicked away I have to say I really like the new look.

I watched this video earlier in the day and wondered when it would become available.


The new look is very clean and customizable. It has a very G+ feel and look to it. I have to say I am thrilled so far. Can’t wait to mess around with the settings later tonight.


If you want to enable it look for this, bear in mind that it is currently rolling out so if you don’t see it. Check back.