BF3 Beta Servers hacked over the weekend

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The highly anticipated shooter Battlefield 3 or BF3 is currently in beta and over the weekend an apparent hack resulted in beta partipants to be able to access a server that had different game modes and allowed up to 128 players.

DICE has announced that gamers found playing on the hacked servers run the risk of having their EA account banned. While the appeal of playing on a larger Battlefield (pun intended) is strong it certainly isn’t worth having your account banned.

DICE is serious about protecting their environment as they have also indicated that if you are banned that all games in your collection that use that same EA login will also be inaccessible as a result of the ban.

It frustrates me to see that hacking has become such a prominent part of PC and console gaming alike and that companies like DICE and EA have to put their foot down like this so close to the release date of BF3 which is 10/25/2011.

I look forward to this FPS as it captured most of the hype at the recent gamerscon and looks simply amazing in all aspects of the game. After Socom 4 was a bust in the tactical shooter category I am hopeful that BF3 will live up to the hype.

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