BJJ Hangouts On Air

BJJ Hangouts on Air, back from our Hiatus

So last night I broke from the normal routine of only doing BJJ hangouts from Worcester MMA/ Simmler Brazilian Jiu Jitsu on Wednesday and did our first Monday HOA.

BJJ Hangouts on Air at Worcester MMA_Simmler BJJ

Baby Steps, one must crawl before they can walk

Since starting BJJ Hangouts On Air we have had 3 episodes. I am getting acclimated to getting everything set up and ready in a timely manner. Last evening I did run into some issues with the camera freezing and before learning the trick to unlock the C910 I use I had to restart the hangout twice. it appear that usb connection was a little dodgy.

That was the only minor set back I watched some of the footage while having breakfast this morning and have quickly edited it down between the three different hangouts to 1 hour 16  minutes.


During the class we covered a Non Cross choke scissor sweep and two effective passes to side control. Where I was having issues with the camera and usb and I didn’t get the cam right on top of the techniques as they were being shown but I hope to be able to resume a 2 camera set up on Wednesday to fully cover the techniques. Also, you can see them and hear them on the video.  I will be posting the video as soon as it is ready here in this post.

Spreading the love

The other awesome thing about last nights hangout is that I embedded here on Love the HOA embed feature and last night was the first time I have taken advantage of it.

Thus far I have only typically invited a few people that I have participated in the non On Air Hangouts to sit in, last night I did the same but they were not able to join. I did however  tweet it out and posted to our facebook group and although our viewership numbers were not staggering it is a start.

I look forward to sharing BJJ with those who wish to watch hopefully 2 times a week moving forward. Every Monday and Wednesday at 6PM we will be holding our BJJ Hangouts On Air on Google+, youtube and here on

Check back for updates and be sure to follow me and academy on Google+ and Twitter!

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