How to tie a BJJ belt courtesy of Gracie Academy

Great video featuring Rener Gracie on proper belt tying techniques. He has a great sense of humor and demonstrates three styles of tying your belt for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Courtesy of GracieAcademy Youtube Channel.Enjoy!

Simmler BJJ Teammate Alec Mastrototaro at the 2011 Boston Open and FGO

Here is one my teammates from Simmler BJJ in Worcester. His name is Alec Mastrototap and he has been training about a year at Simmler BJJ/Worcester MMA. He recently competed in two area tournament with some solid success.  In the Boston Open Alec took second place in the Blue Belt division. which is pretty damn good considering Alec is a white belt.

Alec works hard on the mats at the academy at the and it shows in the these two videos from the Boston Open.




More recently Alec competed in the Freestyle Grappling Open in Maine where he also competed in a competitive Blue Belt Division. Alec did not medal but he did make it to semi-finals in a good sized field.


Awesome work Alec and thanks for working with the Kids program at Simmler BJJ!