On the Mats: Spider Guard

So last night was an awesome night on the mats. We had a guest coach that came up from Serra BJJ Huntington. Charlie is a long time friend of Coach Dan and has been training 10 years now.

Charlie showed some stuff from his spider guard game. I rarely if ever play spider guard so it was really informative class for me. He started out by explaining some spider guard basics. I have been shown spider guard before and was familiar with it but as I said, I don’t use it live very often. After last night that may change. Continue reading “On the Mats: Spider Guard”

On the mats Monday night

This is the kick off post for my On the mats РInside the Mind entries. I have been training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for nearly 2 years now. It helps me both physically and mentally both personally and professionally. I plan on documenting my growth as a BJJ practitioner here at Inside the Mind. Without further adieu, here is my first entry.

Tonight was great night of training at the academy. I showed up a little early and saw that coach had begun the renovations. I am really looking forward to the transformation of Simmler BJJ/Worcester MMA over the next few weeks.

After changing into my gi, my team mate Jeff and had a light warm up roll in. Jeff is very talented and experienced bluebelt and even though we were going easy he did catch me in two good armbars. I was able to defend a few choke attempts. I did have one solid knee cut guard pass which was a small victory int eh 8 minutes we rolled. I love getting work in with Jeff, he has great technique and feedback.

We the headed upstairs and began out warm up. Started with a light jog, some high knees, 10,10,10 push ups, sit ups and squats. We finished up the warm ups some shrimps and sit and pulls.

From there Jeff had us do an oldie but a goodie. Pull/push With. 2 minutes on the clock we had a minute pulling our team mate and 1 minute pushing them. I worked with two new students for this part of warm ups.

After a quick water break we worked on takedowns. Matt and I paired up. I worked on “leg pick ” single leg and Matt worked an entry for Judo throw he has been working on. I then worked some single legs.

Now it was time for some drilling. We were shown a nice standing guard pass. It was one I have drilled numerous times over my nearly two years training bjj but it was great to have a refresher.

I worked with Larry on these drills as coach put some time on the clock. I was glad to coach Larry along on some of the technique.

After a weekend where I didn’t get in for open mat it lt great to be back on the mats. I have a ton to work and I look forward to documenting my training here. In the future I will be including, photos, videos of training and matches and more. See you on the mats. Good night. Ossss!