Socom 4 DLC Demo Rant

Okay so I see today that Zipper and Sony have finally announced the details of the new Socom 4 DLC pack. Initially I am excited that is, until I read the post and see the heading;

Socom 4 DLC Packs Announced –

” Demolition ” Free for New Players

It was at that moment my feelings and thoughts about Zipper and more so Sony were solidified. They collectively delivered a game that barely out of Beta form. Features that are on the box were not in the game at launch. They alienated not only the ” new audience ” that they were trying to capture by making the game feel and play more like a Uncharted meets COD but they successfully pissed off the ” hardcore ” old school Socom gamers that have been buying their games since 2001. Now they were going for the cash grab. Hoping to lure any suckers that hadn’t bought this incomplete game when it dropped into shelling out a mere $40 for a game the the original herd paid $59. To boot these late adopters get the Demolition DLC pack for the bubble? Continue reading “Socom 4 DLC Demo Rant”