BJJ Warmup wearing Google Glass

Google Glass for instructional BJJ

So if you have read my blog before you know I train Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. In the past I have used Hangouts on Air to broadcast intro classes at Worcester MMA. Now that I am a Glass Explorer I have been testing out using Glass to document first person BJJ. The footage below is a warmup from earlier in the month. I edited it for time but I wanted to see how Glass would be during take downs.

I was thrilled with how well Glass stayed on my head. My training partner knew I was wearing them and chose his two take downs accordingly. I requested that he didn’t do any throws or takedowns that dropped me on my right side too hard.

I think that using Glass for POV instruction videos for BJJ and some other martial arts to be shared amongst fellow students has promise.

At the moment I am Glass Free due to the foil issue. I should hopefully have them back by the end of the week and look forward to getting and drilling some techniques during an open mat session.

Teammate trying Glass
Teammate trying Glass

As I have mentioned in previous posts regarding Glass and BJJ, I think they will have a solid impact on techniques from Closed Guard, Bottom and Top.

I hope go live with a light roll with a teammate that knows to not attack near the head or neck. There a ton of people doing really interesting things with Google Glass. I am doing what I know, which is BJJ, Automotive, Skateboarding. That all said,  I think from something as simple as a BJJ warmup wearing Google Glass demonstrated the benefit and potential for instructional demo videos wearing Glass.

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Missing Google Glass

Distance makes the heart grow fonder

So it has been two days since sending my Google Glass back for a replacement. I am almost embarrassed to admit it but I am really missing Google Glass. There I said it. Phew!!! A weight has seemingly been lifted…

In that admission, I think I have summarized the potential impact wearable technology like Google Glass can have in your day to day life.

I wore Google Glass for just over a month. Wearing it all day, everyday, only taking it off to charge it and to sleep. I knew it would work for things like dealership videos, photos which is what my #ifihadglass was based upon. I wanted to wear them all the time and not just take them out of my drawer when it was time to shoot a video. That is what a camera is for. Not what Glass is for…  I wanted to see if it could truly be a viable extension of my smartphone. In short, I believe it did.

Wired at the Hip Head

I came to appreciate Glass for things such as the Twitter and Path Apps, Breaking CNN News App from Tumblr ( weird right? I know). I learned of the SFO 777 crash, Tsarnaev pleading not guilty, the Zimmerman verdict and most recently the birth of George Alexander via CNN Breaking News Glass. Before Glass I would have learned of these events by twitter, RSS or Yahoo homepage.

Sometimes it is the little things

While those apps are all great, and I found value in having them,  it is some of the smaller things such as a heads up clock that I also miss. It is seems small and insignificant but I don’t wear a watch and sometimes my kids have my phone when we are out and about. For me to be able to get the time with a tap of Glass was one of the little things I came to appreciate.

I also appreciate the camera, for both video and photos. I snapped tons of photos some of which were on the fly moments, ones that I had to fish my phone out of my pocket and open up the camera, and shoot I may have missed. Now I know some are calling Glass a glorified camera and while it is a great feature, Glass is so much more to me.

I’ve waited for Glass once, now I wait again.

Based upon my estimations, I should have my replacement pair within a week. I could have travelled back to NYC to get replacement in person but my work schedule would not allow it. I had to send it all the way to Mountain View via UPS… Ground… Sniffle. Good news is that once they arrive, they will processed and sent back overnight. Like Jennifer Love Hewitt I Can’t Hardly Wait









Needless to say, I will be thrilled to have them back. I have big plans for my Glass.  While they may not be as ground breaking as some of the ways other #glassexplorers may be using Glass. I think I have some interesting usage scenarios. I have already done a dealership walkthrough video of Colonial Volkswagen of Westborough ( see video below), a how to get to Colonial Buick GMC video ( which may seem silly, but from the Mass Pike Westbound our Buick GMC is very tricky to get to) as well as vehicle feature videos.


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