Google Plus Tip #2

Here is Google Plus Tip #2

Here is a quick tip if you are a new hangouts. This little gem was originally bestowed upon me by Bobbi Jo Woods, if you want to have people be notified when you invite them to a hangout, simply create a circle with 24 or less people in it. When you invite that circle to a hangout, they will be notified and if you are connected with them via chat they will receive a chat invitation.

If you want to let more than 24 people know that you are inviting them to a hangout, it is easy, just create multiple hangout circles each with less than 24 in them and voila!


Google Plus Tip # 1

If you have spent any time here on you know I am a big fan of Google Plus. As such, I decided it was time to do a general Google Plus Tip section on

On Google Plus your stream can move quite quickly and depending on the time you have when you are browsing it you may not have time to look at each and every piece of content the piques your¬†curiosity. Thankfully thanks to this tip that I originally learned from Jaana Nystrom you can now manage a way to ” save ” the little gems in one spot and return to it when you have more time.

Me Circle that I share to

So here is my first Google Plus tip on here on if you are new to google plus create a circle named Me and put yourself in it. When you see something you like, share it with your Me. You can view your Me circle stream later and see all the great things you have found in your travels.




I love being able to catalog all the great informative posts out there and thus far this is the easiest way for me to do so. Another benefit of the Me circle is that if you write a long form post and want to make sure it looks good before sharing publicly or to another limited circle you can share it to your Me circle to see it before releasing it in the wild.

View of my Me Circle Stream Google Plus Tips