Trust in Hangouts and Google Plus

So I have been spending a great amount of time in both Limited and Public hangouts on Google Plus. There is something great that happens when there is both an audio and visual element to interpersonal communication, trust at least for me is more easily established. In light of that I have been thinking about Trust in Hangouts and Google Plus over the past few days.

Just last evening, I was hanging out with some folks and I know and few others that I had just met. I quickly had a level of comfort where, when asked I revealed the town where I live, how long I have been with my wife and the ages of my children. I wondered to myself just I as I logged off that if a stranger called me on Skype and for the sake of this discussion let’s say that we started chatting ( audio only ) what is the likelihood that I would be willing to volunteer such information out of the gate? I couldn’t answer it as I don’t know that I would reveal with a stranger on a different medium.

I gather that it has something to do with G+ being a social and sharing network that I am quickly able to look at a hangouters profile, and quickly determine at least on the surface what the person is about. With that information processed I then am able to achieve a level of comfort that I wouldn’t elsewhere.

I am a chatty guy. To a fault. It has helped me in life both personally and professionally but it also at times has been detrimental as well. I spend a great amount of time of the phones with vendors who are vying to earn the business of the Colonial Automotive Group. These folks are talkers, who work to establish some common ground, some rapport in order to work towards their goal of scheduling a visit or webex to show me their offering. With these folks, some of which I speak with frequently over the courting period ( in some case can take months depending on the product ) I don’t ever reach the level of trust and comfort that I get from the face to face interaction that is a Google Plus Hangout.

Just yesterday I was thinking to myself if those same vendors were to approach me through Google Plus, would they be able to established the needed trust and rapport to secure an appointment with me in a more timely manner? Based upon my experiences it is likely they would. That said, is it more the case that when I am participating in the Public Hangout,  am not thinking that the person asking me about where I live and what I do has an ulterior motive of securing an appointment, selling me a product and therefore am willing to establish that line of trust quicker than if I knew they were looking to pitch me?

Sales is all about trust, rapport, engaging interactions that lead to an agreement. Google Plus hangouts seem to have the ability to establish trust, rapport and engaging organically and in some cases quickly. I look forward to the future of hangouts and seeing how or should I say if they will impact Business to Business and eventually Business to Consumer prospecting and sales. If given a choice to be presented and product over Webex, Go to meeting, Lync or Hangouts, which would you prefer?

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Google Pages for Business are here!

Today google finally announced that Google Pages for Business are being rolled out over the next few days. Last week I had said I thought it would happen before the end of the week. I was wrong but not by much.

I was comment #1 on this video and it took some restraint to not simply type, ” First!”

This is an exciting time for all businesses that have been waiting to use the power of G+ within in their business to expand the reach and establish relationships with their consumer base.

Personally I am excited because I feel that google + is going to be huge with a capital U.
( comment if you know this movie reference, no googling). The space is very dynamic, creative and flowing with great information and people. It has a incredible foundation to build off of and will in my opinion be the social space that matters most within a year.

It will be only a matter to time before the Facebook Faithful start to migrate over. I have been quite evangelical about what is happening over on the G+ side of the fence as I have met some simply awesome people on it.

I look forward everything business pages do for Google + and the community. I have been hitting refresh in the hopes that I don’t get this message to no avail…. lol