Trolls and Spammers laying waste to Ello

I have been on Ello for a couple weeks now. It has only been in the last week that folks started arriving in droves. It is nice to see the privacy-centric, alleged ad-free social site in its beta infancy.

Screen Shot 2014-09-30 at 1.51.44 PM

I have already connected with people from Facebook and Google+. It seems that Ello is blowing up my gmail with new notification already. With each new connection, I am curious to see if the user is simply claiming their username to prevent squatting if the thing blows up or is actually using and engaging with others in their Ello stream.

Trolls and Spammers laying waste to Ello

One thing that I do think is a potential early issue for the brand new platform troll and spammers laying waste to Ello.

The troll accounts are everywhere from Mark Ruffulo who is asking, ” how do I meet girls here? ” to spammers that are already offering up questionable content. It must be incredible tough to plan for and prevent this type of behavior when you have a social site that appears to have as much steam as Ello currently does. It is not easy to break into the very busy social space, just ask Myspace 2.0, but when doing so it is important that some safeguards are in place against trolling and spamming or else the actions of few can ruin the experience of many.

I hope that the Ello team is able to come up with some safeguards and reporting mechanisms to prevent what could be a good thing from being overran with the internets lowest common denominator. Crap.

If you are on Ello and we haven’t connected yet, now is the time,

I am curious if Ello will be a social fad or has some staying power and also if you are feeling the pains of the troll and spam accounts over there.

Be more than a commercial

What’s is the worst part of television?

Commercials. That is why products like Tivo, DVR and more recently The Dishs’ Hopper have become so popular. They have allow viewers to watch the content that they want and skip the content they don’t want. With commercials taking up the bulk of the room on the chopping block.

Think of how you interact on social media.

Are YOU a commercial? Are your interactions on social media widely about you, your business or your agenda?

Are you a one way street of dialogue with little to no interest about your followers reasons for following you, you’re just glad they are?

Whether you are a person, a personal brand or business you must be more than a commercial. If people are interested in you enough to follow you, do right by them and be human, be more than a commercial. I have a number of circles on Google+ that when I visit them, it like I am stuck in one big commercial. I am not interested in (nor the type of person call people out) and I won’t here but I feel that if your are only using social connectivity as a professional networking channel for your own agenda more than 90% of the time, you may be doing it wrong.

Look at your interactions, posts and content. How much of the blend is serving your agenda? How much gives your followers even marginal insight behind who you are and what makes you tick.

People connect with people. They buy from businesses. When you cross-platform promote yourself or your business and only that, you become one big commercial that is on every channel and chances are the lions share of your followers are or already have tuned you out. Just like when a commercial comes on the television.