What I would have liked to have heard at the iPhone 5 Announcement

So today was the big day. The iPhone 5 announcement. I was able to tune in via Google hangouts and monitor the live blogs reporting from the Apple Event.

As each new feature was touted, we discussed that most were features or changes that had been blogged about, speculated on, and that none of them represented truly game changing innovation as Iphone’s had in the past.

Yes they made it taller and quicker and updated Siri so that she can open apps and post statuses on Social networks. They took a page from Android and added panoramic’s to their camera and now allow for comments on Photo Stream photos. The showed their new maps on IOS6 and true voiced turn by turn navigation.

As an Apple user they were all steps in the right direction. Game changing? No. Moving the needle in the right direction? Yes.

There was one thing that I understand but just because I understand it doesn’t mean I have to like it which was the Lightning connector. Gone is the old 30 pin connector that we all know and love. Now we have a new connector and third party manufacturer’s will be clamoring to make new peripherals that work with Lighting and cases that convert back to the 30 pin old way.  With all that said, the Apple lightning to 30 point adapter was laughably clunky looking and Apple will likely whack us a cool $29.99 per adapter. Not cool. I know for my wife who is due for an upgrade next month, that new connector may very well be a turn off.

Pricing. What is there to say about pricing, it basically all stayed the same. iPhone 4 is free with contract now, iPhone 4S is $99 and the iPhone 5 16GB is $199, 32GB $299, 64GB $399. Same deals as the past all as advertised.

Now it is time to for what I would have liked to have heard at the Iphone 5 Announcement which to me would have represented a true game changer. Something tech blogs around the interwebz would have been buzzing about for weeks. Something that I know is not completely viable as a feature ( but a guy can dream can’t he?), something that I think every iPhone owner, scratch that every smart phone owner would universally agree upon would make their device WAY better. The beauty is it’s simplicity. Apple should have announced that the iPhone 5 was WATERPROOF!

Think about it, how many of you have deep-six’d your beloved iPhone? Just this summer I had two friends lose theirs to a puddle and a toilet ( Yuck!) both did the rice thing and one was saved ( the toilet one!) the other not so much.

If Apple wanted to truly WOW the tech crowd with their continued innovation they could have done so by announcing that the iPhone 5 was submergible up to a depth of say 4 feet. I think #waterproofIphone5 would have been trending on Twitter, Google+, Instagram and anywhere else trends trend.

But for now it is merely a pipe dream of mine. I will admit I will likely upgrade when my 4S is eligible. That said, if it were waterproof I would considering buying one straight up. With two kids who use my phone a ton, I could rest better when they have it know they are not going to drop in the toilet or something worse… 🙂

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