Each rough day I have, I look this up.

Yesterday was a day of challenges for me. Just returning from an incredible snowboarding vacation with my family and brothers family. I was stressed to my core.

Today I am still feeling the effects of yesterdays stresses. I found this little gem online. I did it and when I came back in I was ready for the days challenges.

2012 Goals- What’s stopping you?

Note: I originally posted this to my G+ profile earlier in December. Upon reading it again today at lunch, I felt it would be appropriate to post here as well. I want 2012 to be a big year for me both personally and professionally. Have a roadmap to success is step 1 and documenting it all here will give me something to look back on when and if I need the added motivation to achieve my goals!

With 2011 wrapping up it is time to start looking forward to 2012. Last year on LinkedIn, where I have spent little to no time, I posted 2011 goals both personally and professionally. Some where met, others were not. Some I had direct control over others, I did not.

If you haven’t yet you should start thinking of yours. With out a finish line why are you even in the race? What’s stopping you?

Personal: Sell my house, buy a new house, move with the least amount of turmoil and stress possible ( yeah right ), snowboard and golf more, earn my BJJ Blue Belt, lose the the extra 10lbs Thanksgiving bestowed upon me this year, compete in 4 or more BJJ tournaments, medal in at least two, spend more time with my family, read more, watch at least 5 old movies that I have always said I wanted to see but haven’t, personally raise $2000 next Movember.

Professional: Help implement CRM solution, train our teams on our new inventory solution, better understand and utilize social within our dealerships, attend either a NADA or Digital Dealer, Network and learn more with my peers, learn more about LBS and mobile advertising, help Colonial Dealerships exceed their monthly benchmarks, stay open minded to products and service that serve the automotive industry.

I think that is all for now. If you haven’t mapped our your goals for 2012 yet, Don’t procrastinate. Do sooner than later. Setting goals early will help lay the ground work for your successes. A great game plan and positive mental attitude will carry to where you want to be in 2012 and beyond.