Christmas comes early courtesy of updates from the Google Plus Team

” Merry Christmas!! Ho ho ho…”

” Santa is that you? ” I asked

“No Daniel, it just us the Google Plus team! ”

“Oh joy!” I proclaim

Right before the holiday the Google Plus Team drops a number of important updates. I was on my way in this morning when I saw a post on my phone touting the updates. With the Colonial Automotive Group having 14 business pages, I was thrilled by the news that multiple administration for business pages is finally here. Out of the features they are rolling out ahead of the holiday multi admin is the one I wanted most.

Multi administration will allow up to 50 admins for business pages. Other enhancements for business pages incude, better notification system and a new ” at-a-glance ” summary of who has been circling, +1’ing your page. I am hoping that this multi-admin will provide with an opportunity to convince some of my internet teams to finally join Google plus and start to familiarize themselves with business pages.

Beyond the Business pages update google is also rolling out a feature called stream volume. It will be a mechanism where there is atop of each stream based up your circles, and you either ( turn you stream down )reduce the post flow, or ( turn it up) and increase stream chatter or flow. It is a nice feature and works like like a volume slider. Hence the turn it up and turn it down.

The last feature update has to do with the photo Lightbox which boasts a complete redesign, new photo tagging system of more.

Google has called the past few weeks the #seasonforshipping and it certainly has been. I truly look forward to 2012 and everything the G+ team has in store for us.

Safe travels both in the real world on the internet this holiday season!

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