Day 29 Movember

I can't believe it almost over!

Day 29 #movember! Only one more day! That is why I look so shocked! It has been a very fun and rewarding experience! That said, now more than I ever I need you! I am trying to get to personally get to $500 in donations before midnight tomorrow. At the moment I am at $315 thanks to two donations this morning. +Colonial Volkswagen has been nice enough to match dollar for dollar up donations made to me up to our original team total of $500. I would really like to take advantage of that. If you are able to donate even a couple bucks it will go to LiveStrong and the Prostate Cancer Foundation. You can donate via paypal, cc by visiting my page here Every little bit helps and I would greatly appreciate your contribution. If you can’t donate, at least rate my page. Give me 5 staches. The final push is on. Starting… Now!

Team #swag +Dave Meralus +Kirk Fontaine +Zachary Brandenburg +Bruce Warren

Big thanks to our Awesome G+ Supporters ( for the record I have to still yet receive a single donations from folks on facebook. Holding out hope for today and tomorrow though 😉 )

+Stacy Frazer +Bobbi Jo Woods +Mike Stenger +James Williams

Lastly, a special thanks to my vendor donations from +Brian Finn and +Matthew Kolodziej and Jim Pierce Very much appreciated guys!

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