G+ Fastest growing Social Community

G+ the Fastest growing Social Community?

I would like to start by stating that it seems G+ is more of a Social Community than a Social Network. Think of the word network. When I do I think of infrastructure, sterile environments designed to connect things, Tron… I feel that LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter are all legitimate Social Networks, rightfully so,  all three connect people, groups, businesses and more

Imagine the town you live in. I gather you would feel better saying, ” I live in to a great community of people” versus ” I live in a great network of people. ” The connections made in a network may be informal, at times cold and not necessarily willing to reciprocate gestures of engagement and/or good will.

In a community, the backbone is how the members support one another and engage in meaningful, trusting relationships in the hopes of bettering the quality of the experience that is being a part of said community.

I have been on G+ since early August. In my brief time there I have been thoroughly impressed with the community spirit of the whole thing. Whether is it someone posting saying, ” My friend X just joined up and if you could circle them that would be great. ” or someone in a public hangout stating that it is their first or second hangout. Most times you will see the people openly welcome new people with the a friendly hello or by circling them and in turn pointing them to some of the top content, tips and informative G+ users.

People who haven’t tried G+ yet may be lead to believe it is just another Social Network. Only time will tell but from what I have seen and experienced, G+ has a richer sense of community. The outreach is quite impressive once one decided to participate. If you give yourself to it, chances are it will give back.

I was amazed during Movember when I was trying to raise $500 for prostate cancer awareness. Nearly half of my donations came from G+, whereas only about $70 of the $500 raised came from FB or Twitter.  I was posting the sames message there that I was on G+ and yet the community behind G+ was willing to participate and support one of its members even without really knowing me all that well. The final donation of $30 that came in at 10:47 pm on November 30th as an Anonymous donation from a G+ member allowed me to reach my goal brought such a wide smile to my face. Not only due to the fact that I had reached my goal but that it came from someone out there on G+.

That spirit of community is refreshing. I would lying if I didn’t admit that it may just be the ” honeymoon phase ” but I feel it is worth mentioning as there are more articles about G+’s successes, shortcomings and everything in between that there is something special or different about it being built by the google + team and the community that proudly support it .

As 2012 continues and more folks try G+ I will be curious to see if their experience is similar to mine. I hope ( like me )  they find G+ to be more of a community of quality interactions (and people) rather than a network simply connecting with common denominators.




Author: Dan Fontaine

Daniel Fontaine Contact me at dan@danielsfontaine.com

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