Google Music rebranded to Google Play

So it looks like that Google Music has been rebranded to Google Play. It appears to be rolling the market, movies, music and more together. Just now in a hangout just now Kelvin Davis stopped in and mentioned it. Have a look below. The new design is really sharp looking. Check it out here

I know that last week Derek Ross mentioned that Google had purchased a number of Play-Centric urls. It appears they have rolled it out. In fact I just visited Derek’s stream and he has broke it on his stream as well. I look forward to seeing more as the roll out continue.

It has a an itunes-ey feel to it. It is going to replace the Market, Music and more as the one stop shop. It is possible that eventually even the Chrome Webstore could be rolled in as well.

Not sure how I feel about the Play logo. Using the traditional play icon and using a color palette that is off the beaten path when it come to the normal colors google uses. I am sure it will grow.

Good things to come. Just had to fire up my EVO to see what that all looks like.

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