Hanging out at home

Last night was the first evening in a while that I started a Google + Hangout from home. I truly believe in moderation and for me I have to temper myself and set limits on the frequency that I hang out while home.

Most people who know me know that I love to talk, socialize, joke, etc…. These characteristics make Google + hangouts and me a great fit. That said, with the friendships I have established over the last year and the various time zones, I can easily stay up WAY past my bedtime and occasionally enjoying a beverage or two with folks from around the world.

The hangout last night was filled with some familiar faces and we had a great time watching Mohamed Mansour build his kitchen set, we were all dropping some epic hangout quotes left and right, and generally having a good time.

Next thing I know it is almost 2:00AM. That is the appeal and danger of hanging out from home for me. There is the old saying, ” time flies when you are having fun. ”
Ain’t that the truth.

Summer has been busy for me and as a result, I have not been hanging out from home much. It is night’s like last evening that makes me wish I have been more often. So many laughs with great folks. It is really like meeting up at the local watering hole to catch up after a long work week.

I love google +, I love hangouts and last night was just one evening more reaffirming evening why.

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Author: Dan Fontaine

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