Hangout Canopy 2.0 is in Beta Testing

As most of you know I was pretty bummed when I heard the news that Hangout Canopy was shutting its servers down earlier this week. Yesterday I had the good fortune to sit in on a hangout with Robert Pitt and Mohammad Eshbeata while they were working on, enhancing and testing Hangout Canopy 2.0.

As a fan of canopy I was a thrilled to see the work put into making it happen. On top of that I was super stoked when Robert said that it was ready for testing. I had a rough night training BJJ last night on the mats and by the time I got home I was ready to bed so I didn’t see the news until this morning that the Beta was released.

I have been fortunate enough to be included in the beta and have just downloaded it. I have be reunited with my beloved canopy. I just finished re-adding my watching list, made a nice $25 donation using the new donation feature. I love what these guys do and felt it was only right to contribute to the efforts of the canopy team. I suggest that if you enjoy Hangout Canopy as I do you do the same. Even it is only a few bucks, every little bit helps them continue to support, enhance and work on future versions of hangout canopy.

I look forward once the testing is complete and it is release to the full public again. If you are someone who likes to meet new people via hangouts, canopy is a must. Learn more here or follow them on twitter @hangoutcanopy, if you are on g+ you can circle their official page here,

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