HELP Pinterest has taken my wife hostage

Pinterest has taken my wife











So about 4 weeks ago my wife texts me and asks, ” are you on Pinterest?” I replied that I had recently sought out an invitation but wasn’t doing too much with it yet. She informed me that evening that Pinterest had made the rounds throughout her co-workers. She is a elementary school teacher and nearly all of her co-workers were actively pinning.

She waited a little while to join up, asking what I thought about it. I told her I didn’t know much more about it than her but I did know that it has been catching on like wildfire.

Initially, she had reservations about Pinterest posting to her Facebook wall every time she pinned something. She also did not want to connect via Facebook which I told her with an invite she wouldn’t have to. I apparently had invites so I invited her, assisted her in turning off the post to Facebook feature and showed her a few quick pointers I had picked up in my brief time there. Straight up. I haven’t seen her since.

Now normally I am the one that is ” wired at the hip ” moving from my iphone to ipad to MBP and back. She was the one that would have to say, ” can you put that down for a moment. ”

Over the past 5 days the roles have been reversed. Seems like anytime I see she is on her iPad or iphone she is pinning.

She is pinning crafts for the kids, organizational tools, recipes, clothes… It goes on and on. Pinterest is as sticky as gum on a blacktop surface that you have just stepped in on a Hot August night!. Over this past weekend she virtually lived there.

For the the first time I can understand why Pinterest has experienced such rapid and continued growth. It is a slippery slope and one you have stumbled into it there apparently is no return.

I am hopeful that for her it will be a ‘ fart in the wind’ and in a few weeks time she will not pinning non-stop but from others I have spoken to I am not sure that is the case.  If a couple of months from now she is still on a pinning tear, you will hear my screaming, ” HELP Pinterest has taken my wife hostage. “.  


This interesting infographic from Modea that I found on Mashable was quite impressive when it comes to the demographics of Pinterest users.

With numbers like these it is no wonder that Pinterest is becoming the newest Time Vampire on the block. I do hope that sometime soon it pulls its fangs from my wife’s neck. Although I guess I shouldn’t complain, I mean she doesn’t blog about me and how much time I spend on Google+.

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