I love Skateboarding

There I said it, after all these years I love skateboarding. I probably should say, I still love skateboarding.

On the heels of a successful winter snowboarding, my son has taken up skateboarding, AND as a result I have been skating everyday with him. I have broken off some of the rust of not skating with any regularity over the past 10 or so years. I am showing the basics.

For his birthday I built him a 3ft quarter and a 2 foot quarter. We are both having a blast on both, he is working kick turns, drop in on the 2 footer and even few fakie Rock N Rolls.

3 Footer Completed

Kicking it Old School

My son recently asked to watch a ” Tony Hawk ” video. I spent a night pre-watching both Bones Brigade’s Search of Animal Chin and Public Domain. Both are available on Youtube. I then moved on to H Street’s Hocus Pocus. Those three videos were my skating roots. It was very nostalgic to see them again all these years later.

Here are both if you care to watch them yourself.

 Search for Animal Chin

Public Domain

How-To Video Fun

Tough Part is done

So I recorded a how to video that I will be releasing in June sometime that shows the build 3 foot Ramp that you see in this article. I am in the processing of editing it right now. Been a while since I have done any long form editing. It is fun, reminds me of college…

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