My take on a Veggie Burger Club sandwich

So last night I decided to whip up a meal inspired in part by this image that I found online a few weeks back;

Whole lot of yum going on right there.

How I made my Veggie Burger Club Sandwich

Now I have just recently started in my quest for healthy living via a plant based diet. I am now trying to be creative with my meals. My wife and kids are away at the Cape Cod for the first few days leaving me to fend for myself on the meal front.

I looked in the fridge and I had some Veggie burgers but not much else. I took the two minute ride to Cournoyer’s Farm. I grabbed some fresh tomatoes, Romaine and Cucumbers and some freshly picked Butter/Sugar corn on the cob. Upon arriving back home I went to my garden and picked some Green Beans.

When I started to whip this up this it what I was working with.











I steamed the corn and green beans, and also began boiling a little water to make a 1/4 cup of organic white rice for my side dish.




From there I moved on to slicing the cuke and tomato to make my ” bun “, I seasoned both with a little salt and pepper.




 I removed the corn and green beans and poured the remained water into my rice that was cooking. I wiped the pan that the corn and beans were steamed in and started heating the veggie burger patty.



I then added the romain and steam green beans to my ” bun ”

I also mixed a little Balsamic and oil to drizzle on the veggie bun.




Once the veggie burger was heated I cut it into two thin pieces so each layer of my Veggie Club Sandwich would have representation from the veggie burger.

The end result was an original veggie club sandwich that while it was in fact really messy to eat it was ridiculously delicious. The rice and corn side was seasoned with salt/pepper and a dash of cumin. I enjoy some Sriracha on that. I love trying new things and this experiment was a a full scale success.  When I make it again I will cut the green beans in half length wise due to the fact that when they were whole they acted as rollers for the burger to roll off of.

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