New England Winter Fun

So the winter in New England and most of the north east for that matter, has been pretty miserable. Blistering cold, tons of snow, storms arriving a drive time. It truly seems like the winter that will never end.

New England Winter Fun

The only upside to all this snow is that the snowboarding has been great. I have been a snowboarder since I was 14. When I started training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu three years ago, snowboarding kind of took a back seat. I only have so much spare time and I had to pick where to to spend it, and for me it was at the academy training.

2 years ago my son picked up snowboarding. As a result I started riding again. Embracing some part of winter is a great way to make the cold months not seem so miserable. We go riding at least once a week. It is great exercise and father/son bonding time. I have really earned some “cool ” points from my son by being able to do some small tricks in the mini park.

Aside from snowboarding, the whole family has enjoyed sledding and tubing at various times this winter. I tubed for my first time at Loon mountain in late January. It was a blast! I recorded my run through Google Glass! Here is the video!


Author: Dan Fontaine

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