New Release of Hangout Canopy

Hangout Canopy
Released to the public today is the most recent new release of hangout canopy. Available at this powerful extension is great way to find hangouts.


I have been using google hangouts for almost 6 weeks now and probably using hangoutcanopy for 5 of those weeks.  This version has some great new features.

With version 1.0.7 you can watch specific plus users and monitor when they are hanging out so you join them.  Also included is a feed for the @hangoutcanopy twitter feed so right from the extension you stay up to date with happenings with the canopy team. Additional enhancements include a count on the canopy of how many hangouts are live at that moment, some adjustments for to improve overall speed of the extension and a Team link where you view the hangoutcanopy Team and find their G+ profiles as well as the ability to create a hangout from within the extension.

I am sure I may have forgot one or two things and will update this as I learn more.

This extension in my opinion is a must have if you are looking to network via hangouts on G+.

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