On the Mats: Spider Guard

So last night was an awesome night on the mats. We had a guest coach that came up from Serra BJJ Huntington. Charlie is a long time friend of Coach Dan and has been training 10 years now.

Charlie showed some stuff from his spider guard game. I rarely if ever play spider guard so it was really informative class for me. He started out by explaining some spider guard basics. I have been shown spider guard before and was familiar with it but as I said, I don’t use it live very often. After last night that may change.

The important things I took away from the session was when have your leg laced under the armpit go deep. Charlie ( who is tall ) said when he was initially working spider guard into his game, he would not get it deep in fear of a straight knee-bar. However, getting it deep allows you to have the control when you hip back and frame up.

While drilling with Matt we both concentrated on getting the laced leg deep and both noticed the tightness that followed.  We also went over a nice sweep from spider, how to overcome if they defend, an escape and more.

We wrapped with putting 3 minutes on the clock and starting on bottom with the beginning of spider guard established. Bottom was to sweep, top was to pass. It was exhausting as we would go 3 minutes then switch partners and we did this 6 times or so. Had a good run with Matt, Tom, Scotty, Wilson and Mike K. I was whooped.

I was able to successfully enter spider guard only twice and not really well at that. But it was a start, a step in the right direction. I did take some success from being able to pass my opponents spider 1 or 2 time times.

All in all it was a great night on the mats at Team Serra/Simmler BJJ.

Look forward to putting up some pictures and videos soon!

Author: Daniel Fontaine

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