New Year with New Challenges

So 2013 kicked off with a bang! We finally closed on our new home!!! Now we are in full fledged pack and fix up mode. My awesome wife is running point on the packing front while my awesome Dad is running point on a fair share of the fix up front.

So it is a New Year with new challenges both personally and professionally. Towards the end of 2012 I planned on posting my 2013 Goals post but things were so hectic I did not get around to it. Shame on me. This is not the post to flesh those out but I will soon.

Some challenges for 2013 on the personal front will be to successfully launch my online cooking show Eating 8020 with Dan Fontaine. My first show was postponed due to the limbo state we are in with the move. That said, my first show will be Tuesday, January 22nd at 9:00PM EST and can be seen here or over at

Eating 8020 will be an excellent outlet for me to tap into both my inner foodie and entertainer. We are partially renovating the kitchen in the new house and I can’t wait to have my new ” set ” completed.

To start the year that will be a one my primary challenges. hosting and putting on a quality program and build an audience.

Secondary challenge will be to help grow Truepro.Org which is a vendor free automotive community where candid discussion occur between automotive peers of all varieties. From Service, Sales, Internet, Office and everything in between, Truepro is the place to get real talk advice from other industry people when it comes to products, process and more.

Professionally, there too many challenges to be listed out here. I believe in the onward and upward approach and we need to keep ahead of our competition in the digital e-commerce space. Mobile SEM, Training, CRM 2.0, LBS, Social will certainly head up the challenges I will be faced with. I welcome challenge with open arms. It will keep me on my toes.

I look at this young 2013 and welcome these and the many more challenges I will face. I am thankful for the support and love of my family, the respect of my peers and connections I have made in the last 2 years via Google + and other Social mediums.

Blogger Test Drive

In the past I have only used Blogger/Blogspot briefly. I had a small garden blog as well as a  blog for one our dealerships that used the Blogger CMS. When I started this site I thought Blogger has some limitations and therefore decided to go with WordPress. As such, I have become very acclimated to the ways and workings of WordPress and like it very much. WordPress offers robust plug ins, themes and is very customizable.

A project I am working on right now seemed to be better suited to using the Blogger CMS so I figured it was time for another Blogger Test Drive and I have to say there has been a LOT has changes since I last used it with any regularity. Most significantly, Blogger now has Dynamic View Template, which in essence allows the reader to switch between Classic, FlipCard, Magazine, Mosaic, Sidebar, Snapshot and Timeslide Views. Which is pretty damn cool. As browsers and readers of content, visitors are able to switch depending on what they like or what they are browsing your blog on.

I still think that WordPress offers a more robust system to manage and run a site or blog from but after a week or two I have to say, I am warming up to Blogger.

One bug with Blogger that is very frustrating to me is that with Chrome and Firefox when you try an customize your theme, whether it is changing background image,Blog title Font, blog color palette, etc… and hit Apply Changes. It does not apply changes.

This was my first and so far only stumbling block using Blogger’s Dynamic Views template. So I did a quick Google search and learned that it was a known bug and that the blogger team was working on a fix. Cool. But I needed to customize my site now…

So I dug a little deeper around the the google product discussion threads and learned that while the Apply Changes bug affects Chrome, Safari and Firefox. The lowly ( in my opinion) Internet Explorer is not affected.

Sweet! I fired I my Virtual Box on my Mac Book Air and went to Blogger on IE8 and although it ran a little slow, it accepted my updates.

It is a little painstaking to have to run a VM and use IE to get the updates done but the end result is what I truly care about. Hope to release my new blog to wild in early January.