Another Reason Why Matt Stone and Trey Parker Rule

South Park has alway been a beacon of social and current events commentary . If you peel back the layers of crude humor there are bright tones of intelligence and common sense.

In South Park’s season premier the long standing Comedy Central staple took a gander at the nonsense of Deflategate/Ballghazi, what-ever you wish to call it with the brilliant minute long skewering of all involved.
Enjoy. Censored Language.


Summer is over

It’s official! Groms return to school tomorrow in the WRHS district which means…

Summer is over

Sort of..


Tomorrow school starts and in many ways signifies the end of summer.

Fall will be fast approaching, leaves will turn and fall. Snow will follow. People in Massachusetts and New England will piss and moan about the weather.

Speaking of which, a ” Godzilla ” El Nino is predicted and suggesting it will be a wet and warmer than normal winter while the good ole Farmers Almanac is calling for more of the same from last winter.


Why you ask?

I plan on having an epic backyard park this year. We did a little one on the side hill but I have been collecting rails over the summer and while they are not mountain park caliber, they are certainly Rippah’s Backyard park worthy.

So far I have in my possession, a 10ft kink rail, 2 8ft flatbars. En route, I have 16 ft flatbar and the possibility of some proper railing.

We plan on making Pallet roll ins on two sections of our 2 acre field and while the grade of the field isn’t what I would call steep, it should suffice.

So while school starting may signify the end of summer fun, it is the prelude to winter fun! Can’t wait to enjoy Rippah’s Back Yard Park when we can’t get to Wachusett and looking forward to hopefully some epic events this year at Wawa and beyond.

” Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end ” – some douchey 90’s band.