Well it is summer. It has been a good one so far. Not too hot or cold here in New England. The family and I visited Daytona Beach Shores right when the school year ended.

Cam and I fished from Sun Glow Pier, watched the Space X rocket take off that Monday morning and heard it subsequently explode. Quite unfortunate for the program to lose another supply run rocket but it made for an interesting morning fishing. While in Floride we both rented surfboards and tried our hand at surfing. I have a natural phobia of the ocean and yet I was able to overcome it and paddle out and try to catch a proper wave. I failed time and time again but had a blast along the way.

While in Florida we also visited St. Augustine and went to an alligator farm and visited Castillo de San Marcos which was incredible. All in all the vacation was a well rounded blend of beach and family and big thanks to my brother and sister in-law for having us.

Back in New England we have made a few trips to the Cape where Cam and Ali have enjoyed some great time playing and swimming.

I have been busy doing some small business consulting on the side and it has been both rewarding and fun. Digital Marketing comes in all shapes and sizes and finding the right approach for the right businesses is a challenge I openly accept and while I am not working with a ton of businesses, it is enough to keep me busy at night.

Our chickens are laying now, we have three hens; Daisy, Tulip and Sunny. The kids enjoying grabbing the fresh eggs each morning. I enjoy eating them… 🙂

I guess that is all for now. I was just realized I have posted here in months and wanted to post a little something.

Safe safe, Stay Frosty and Red Dragons!

Trolls and Spammers laying waste to Ello

I have been on Ello for a couple weeks now. It has only been in the last week that folks started arriving in droves. It is nice to see the privacy-centric, alleged ad-free social site in its beta infancy.

Screen Shot 2014-09-30 at 1.51.44 PM

I have already connected with people from Facebook and Google+. It seems that Ello is blowing up my gmail with new notification already. With each new connection, I am curious to see if the user is simply claiming their username to prevent squatting if the thing blows up or is actually using and engaging with others in their Ello stream.

Trolls and Spammers laying waste to Ello

One thing that I do think is a potential early issue for the brand new platform troll and spammers laying waste to Ello.

The troll accounts are everywhere from Mark Ruffulo who is asking, ” how do I meet girls here? ” to spammers that are already offering up questionable content. It must be incredible tough to plan for and prevent this type of behavior when you have a social site that appears to have as much steam as Ello currently does. It is not easy to break into the very busy social space, just ask Myspace 2.0, but when doing so it is important that some safeguards are in place against trolling and spamming or else the actions of few can ruin the experience of many.

I hope that the Ello team is able to come up with some safeguards and reporting mechanisms to prevent what could be a good thing from being overran with the internets lowest common denominator. Crap.

If you are on Ello and we haven’t connected yet, now is the time,

I am curious if Ello will be a social fad or has some staying power and also if you are feeling the pains of the troll and spam accounts over there.