Sweet Dub Step Video featuring Foster the People Pumped Up Kicks

Saw this on G+ today was thoroughly impressed. This dude doesn’t even look real. I honestly thought it was CGI or something. Much respect and props. At the time of this writing it only had 3300 views. I would gather that with this guys skills that number will be going up.

Check him out. Epic Dub Step with remix of Pumped up Kicks from Foster the People. He will blow your mind. Great track too.

Google Plus Hangouts for the Iphone

Yes that is right. I awoke this morning to see that  an update of the iphone G+ app,  iphone user will now have Google Plus hangouts for the iphone.

Google has enhanced their Iphone app with a number of tweaks most notably huddle is now messenger, user can +1 from with app but the biggie a change that will allow Hangouts to occur on the market leading smartphone. From within the app if someone invites you to a hang out. You can click Join and voila you will be in the hangout. As of right now that app does not have Ipad support.

From what I have read it will allow you to toggle between the back and forward facing camera which is a good thing. Depending on where you are or what you are doing having that flexibility is nice.

My big question is how long will take before the average users starts using mobile G+ Hangouts? As with most things tech lately it takes the average Joe or Jane some time before they are aware of newer features like hangouts or even G+ for that matter. I have been on the standard G+ for over two months now and have yet to do a hangout. Not enough of my peers or friends on there to warrant a hangout I suppose. Soon. Hopefully…

Where do mobile hangouts fit into the picture? I asked myself this over the morning cup of joe. I think for the iphone/G+ user that needs to collaborate with others on projects it makes more sense to use the traditional hangout vs the mobile iphone version. Bigger screen on notebook or desktop means less eye strain, better sound quality on a pc result in better experience. I guess if someone was in a jam had to take advantage of their iphone hangout it is better than nothing. I do like the idea but I wonder how much the iphone hangout feature will be utilized initially. Couple what I have just mentioned with the likely drain on battery life of the iphone and with the challenges of just getting folks to join up regular G+ and you can see how it may be difficult for this new feature to take off.

All these recent innovations are great to stand by and watch, I do sometimes struggle to see their immediate impact. G+ mobile hangouts fall into this category. That said, I enjoy all things tech and this is just another stepping stone on the path that we are on.