Plans are important but execution is vital

We all plan our daily activities. I should rephrase that, most people plan their days.

Having a plan is the first step and it is important but executing the plan even more important.

To summarize the importance of this, take a look at the The Big Bay Boom Firework Show in San Diego for 2012. This 4th of July celebration was squandered due to a unfortunate mishap in the execution of plan. Blame has been placed on a technical glitch but chances are that behind that glitch is an oversight made by a team member.

How many months of planning went into what was supposed to be a spectacular event. In truth, it was spectacular but for the wrong reasons. Due to a technical mishap which I imagine will cost someone their job, a 15 minute firework display set to an orchestra was discharged in about 20 seconds last night.

In our day to day life in the offices, dealerships, etc… we have the best laid plans but without proper and diligent execution they can all go poof ( pun intended).

When you lay out your day, your work week, keep in mind that you hold the keys to success. One of those keys is executing your daily action plan as it was drawn up.

If you are able to do that consistently you and your teams will stand to be more successful.

Now let’s watch that incredible video one more time! And remember plans are important but execution is vital.

Author: Dan Fontaine

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