Google Pages for Business are here!

Today google finally announced that Google Pages for Business are being rolled out over the next few days. Last week I had said I thought it would happen before the end of the week. I was wrong but not by much.

I was comment #1 on this video and it took some restraint to not simply type, ” First!”

This is an exciting time for all businesses that have been waiting to use the power of G+ within in their business to expand the reach and establish relationships with their consumer base.

Personally I am excited because I feel that google + is going to be huge with a capital U.
( comment if you know this movie reference, no googling). The space is very dynamic, creative and flowing with great information and people. It has a incredible foundation to build off of and will in my opinion be the social space that matters most within a year.

It will be only a matter to time before the Facebook Faithful start to migrate over. I have been quite evangelical about what is happening over on the G+ side of the fence as I have met some simply awesome people on it.

I look forward everything business pages do for Google + and the community. I have been hitting refresh in the hopes that I don’t get this message to no avail…. lol