Google Plus Week in Review: Updates

It was a busy week on G+ in terms of updates. Earlier in the week the released to a limited number of high volume hangout users a much needed moderation tool. With this tool,  the Hangout host can ” red box ” or block a hangout participant. This will prevent the blocked user from rejoining subsequent hangouts created by the same host. It is a nice tool to keep out any number of trolling G+ users that seem to enjoy disrupting hangouts.

That wasn’t the only update. The G+ team was on fire this week. Other added features include, Ripples which are a graphical representation of how posts are shared and reshared, What’s Hot which is a trending post mechanism.


Yesterday was a busy day and people were testing the Ripples. To check a posts Ripples you can take this url and amend a specific post id to it and it will show you graph like this; Ripples Graph

For high profile G+ users that have a ton of shares and reshares this is nice little tool to see the sprawl of their influence. I don’t know how beneficial it really it but neat interface nonetheless.

What’s Hot

What’s Hot is also a meter of some capacity that is a stream representation of what is currently popular in terms of posts. Under the Streams menu on the left there was What’s how where you can see the public posts that are currently Hot. Also i noticed that last night a What’s hot was integrated right into my stream when I had it set to all Circles.

These two items seem to benefit those who have been on G+ and understand it and are active engagers and therefore have a some G+ swagger and as a result have great chance of bigger Ripples and have posts appear in What’s Hot.

Where G+ and hangouts are heading is truly exciting. As a collaborative tool, Hangouts are groundbreaking, fresh and have significant benefit and appeal. Having the features they added this week are only enhancing their effectiveness further. I only hope that the Facebook Faithful start to give the G+ platform a chance. In the last 3 weeks I have been able to get about 20 friends to check out G+. Some have liked it others not so much. Only time will tell but one thing is sure. Google is being very hands on and proactive and for the most part listening to the community which is nice to see.


Can’t wait to see what awaits next week. Business and branding pages sure would be nice! This covers my Google Plus Week In Review Updates entry.



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New Release of Hangout Canopy

Hangout Canopy
Released to the public today is the most recent new release of hangout canopy. Available at this powerful extension is great way to find hangouts.


I have been using google hangouts for almost 6 weeks now and probably using hangoutcanopy for 5 of those weeks.  This version has some great new features.

With version 1.0.7 you can watch specific plus users and monitor when they are hanging out so you join them.  Also included is a feed for the @hangoutcanopy twitter feed so right from the extension you stay up to date with happenings with the canopy team. Additional enhancements include a count on the canopy of how many hangouts are live at that moment, some adjustments for to improve overall speed of the extension and a Team link where you view the hangoutcanopy Team and find their G+ profiles as well as the ability to create a hangout from within the extension.

I am sure I may have forgot one or two things and will update this as I learn more.

This extension in my opinion is a must have if you are looking to network via hangouts on G+.