Sprint gets the Iphone 4S & the inner battle begins

Let the inner battle begin…. but first a little back story.

I won’t lie, it going to take a certain amount of restraint for me to not go and order an Iphone 4S. My company uses Sprint and has for 10 years. My smartphone progression when from Nextel based Zach Morris-esque Blackberry 7250. That handcent was durable, reliable and boring but compared to the ic850 flip I had before it I thought it was the best thing in the world.

Speaking of world, I then moved to the sleek Blackberry World Edition 8830. That was a great all around Blackberry. It has style, was sleek and was also durable as all hell. I dropped that thing a variety of times and it never gave me issues.

However that didn’t stop me from upgrading once eligible to a Blackberry Curve 8330. For some reason it seemed a little more ” fun “. My 8830 was doing what I needed yet I had an itch to replace it. So I did. I had my Curve just over a year when I heard of the new WebOS OS and the Palm Pre. It was exclusive to Sprint, WebOs had multitasking, music, video, apps, both a touch screen AND a tactile keyboard. One afternoon I stopped by my local Sprint store just to take a look and play with it. ” Wow ” I said, ” this thing is quick and has some nice features. ” The clerk nodded and smiled, ” how is the battery life? ” I asked him? ” It’s not the same as your Curve but it decent. ” to which I replied, ” can we check if have an eligible upgrade?” I walked out with my new Palm Pre and a smile on my face.

Fast forward a couple months and I seem to find myself planning my days around when I will be near electricity. The battery life was tops 5 hours with the daily usage I was putting the my new toy. If I didn’t charge after lunch it would make it until I left for the day. To add insult to injury the little tab that covers the charger port was a pain to open when I was in the car and desperate to get a charge on the fly.  I call Sprint to voice my displeasure and they tell me about the touchstone charging pedestal. For the backing plate, charge pedestal it was more than I care to spend for a charging solution.

Christmas was approaching and my sister in law pulls my name for our gift exchange. I tell her I would like the Touchstone. She get for me. I am stoked this will be the answer to my problems. It is not. I grow more increasingly frustrated with the battery woes of the Palm Pre.

One day I am on lunch and I am on youtube and I search Iphone vs droid x. In the related videos and one with e preview of the HTC EVO 4g. I watch it. Halfway through I virtually have all but decided that I am going to get it. ” When does it come out? ” I ask myself. June 4th. Now I know there is light at the end of my Pre tunnel. On June 3rd I call to confirm that the local Sprint store is opening early for the release. They are and I am excited.

As I was waiting to speak with a clerk I was thinking back to my Nextel Blackberry and how many devices I had upgraded to. I said, I think I have finally found a smarthphone that will not be outdated in a new york minute and once that has everything I need. An hour and half later I was holding my new EVO 4G. I loved it. Yes it was bigger than most smartphones at that time but I got used to that. I was amazed at the volume of apps in the marketplace, and the ability to customize my themes, the front and back facing camera and so much more.

That gets me to where I stand tonight, typing this. I still love my EVO. It has been solid. Battery life is not perfect but much much better than the Pre and truthfully I don’t need to change or upgrade. Yet I find myself fighting an inner battle. A voice in my head says, ” go tomorrow and buy the iphone 4S, you have an upgrade you know you do…” and I do. But sometimes it is better to leave well enough alone.

I struggle as I now have a MacBook Pro, an iPad as well as an ipod touch. At the time i purchased my EVO I had only the iPod. The notion of iCloud being able to sync across all devices seamlessly is  appealing. Also, Siri is very interesting. I have been amazed that Apple has managed to tackle voice dictation sooner. I use my voice to text function on my EVO daily. I know there is Dragon dictation but that is not like having a little microphone integrated right onto the native keyboard.

The iPhone non tactile keypad in my opinion is much more responsive than that of the HTC sense and Android 2.3 that I run on my EVO and not having to doubletwist to sync my music would be nice. For the last week since the announce I have gone back and forth. I have played devils advocate for both sides in my mind.

For now I can only guess how the future tell how this will play out and whether or not I stay with the EVO or go to the iPhone 4S. It is tough being a little compulsive and switching as frequently as I have. Don’t get me wrong I know other who change smartphone more frequently but it really is an inner battle.


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