My MOvember Experience

So we are at the halfway point of MOvember and I have to say this already has been a rewarding experience. I find people at work, at my Jiu Jitsu academy and elsewhere asking me why I have a new moustache. Each time I explain why I have my newfound facial hair I am raising awareness of what the Movember Movement is about.

It is funny how social spaces can impact our lives. I had been really on the fence as to whether or not I was going to participate in Movember. Through relationships that I have found on Google + I was pushed over the edge. Now, at the midway point I have very glad that I was.

Mens health is an important issue as we tend to be stubborn and in most cases inherently scared of Doctors office visit. Some men will not admit to that fact while other will but the bottom line is that having regular physicals and check-up is vital to early detection.

The reason I say that is that someone in my extended family has recently had their prostate cancer detected early. As a result they were able to catch, react and currently by all accounts are cancer free. That is what motivated me this Movember. That is why I felt that now was better then the future to stop sitting on my hands and actually do something like this. I know our goal is both raise awareness and help raise money for the Prostate Cancer Foundation and Livestrong and we are dong that. What I didn’t expect was the rewarding feeling I get each time someone asks why I have a Fu Manchu or Trucker on my upper lip and around my mouth.  I feel that I am doing my part and that in turns feels great.

Whether you have donated, or simply asked me what is up with my stache. Thank you for your support. I hope that through my participation in Movember that others that I know from all walks of life will join me next year. From my gaming clan, my coworkers, my family, the great folks I have met on G+, I hope that some of you decide that 30 days of facial hair is a small price for the reward of helping a great cause and raise awareness and money for the future research and support services for the Prostate Cancer Foundation and LiveStrong.

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