Tech Tune Out

This past week I was on vacation. I went on a ski/snowboarding trip with my family to Jiminy Peak. I am luck and fortunate to have an awesome brother who allows us to join his family each year to his time share there.

This time around I made it point to have what I call a Tech Tune Out. Short a little Wii playing, and a dash of Temple Run 2 on my Nexus, I kept my nose out of my phone.

Vacation is about rest and relaxation and where we are all wired at the hip now, it is virtually impossible to truly relax when work is in your pocket.

Even regarding social media ( which was tough) I took a break. No Google + Hangouts, No tweets, a mere facebook check here and there to check BJJ happenings.

This morning, I returned to my office and felt invigorated!. I have torn through most of the work that built up while I was away. I am now ready for my week and my batteries fell recharged to the max!

For those of you that have families, when you go on vacation, try a Tech Tune Out. Your little ones are only going to be little for so long. The internet will be there long after they have gone off to college. Enjoy making memories on vacation, not status updates.

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