Team Mates and Accountability

My Brazilian Jiu Jitsu coach spoke to us at the end of the night on Monday about holding one another accountable. During our mat chat he said,

” you are all team mates. You are all committed to taking your game to the next level. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is important to you. You know how I know that? You are here. At 8pm on a Monday night there are tons of other places you could be, but you are here. ”
We sat and listened as he continued,

” We are all working towards a common goal and along our mutual path(s) to that goal we need to motivate one another. Test one another. If team mate is not showing up, or when they do they are being a poor training partner, you each have responsibility to you team mate and to each other to tell that team mate to elevate their game. On the mats there is no room for mailing it in. If a team mate hasn’t been to class in a week, text them, text me, and I will text them saying get in here and get your work in”

Why am I blogging about this now?

Fair enough of a question I suppose.

I am blogging about it as I feel that there is a lesson to be learned here that can apply to our dealerships and our processes.

People who work in dealerships spend a ton of time with each other and at the dealerships. We are all in essence team mates working toward a common goal; to be successful and deliver a quality experience to our clients.

Ask yourself if your Sales team members or Service writers feel that they are on the same team on a united front. If one team mate is down or ” ratted out ” do the others ” pick up” their team mate through positive feedback and/or constructive criticism? Do they look to hold each other accountable for bringing their “A” game day in and day out?

If not, do you feel that the dealership and clients interests would be better served if they did? In turn could your team stand to be more successful in delivering great customer experience(s) and exceeding their own goals and and expectations?

Today I looked around the dealership and spoke to a few sales team members and asked if the felt as if they were on a team, a united front where people looked out for one another. A few of the guys I spoke with said they did not. I wasn’t shocked. It did make me think though about how to bring the floor together better and have them in some ways self regulate in same manner my BJJ Coach was asking us to self regulate at the BJJ academy.

I’ll admit, it is a bit of an apples to oranges scenario but I can’t help but to think that everyone involved in the dealership would benefit if our teams, felt and acted like teams each and every day and held one another accountable to exceed their own expectations. If they do that, they certainly should be exceeding our clients expectations. Am I right?

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