The Social Heartbeat

Staying too connected?

I have wholly embraced the Google Plus platform in the last 4 months and have met, commented with, and shared with tons of interesting, new people.

The hyper-connectivity that social affords us also contributes to our apparent insatiable desire to constantly check G+, FB, Twitter etc… Between our desktops, notebooks, tablets and smartphones, we have too many points of access to not feed our inner curiosity and check what is happening know the last time we checked was two minutes ago.


Like Johnny 5 from Short Circuit we’re like, ” INPUT! Need more INPUT!”

Embracing Social

Everything is okay in moderation… Right?

I imagine that like many others ( I hope) I started to find myself closing a G+ tab on my browser only to pick up my iphone and check what is going on moments later. Or I was waiting in line at Chipotle last weekend on twitter swiping down every thirty second or so.

I haven’t always been a social network guy. I thumbed my nose at Facebook and Twitter for the longest time and only relented once I learned that both would in some ways impact my professional life. G+ is the first social network that I have been in on early in the game.  Being active and embracing G+ earlier than my peers/friends in fact may be lending itself to my compulsive tendencies when it comes to keeping an ear to the rail as to what is happening in my stream. It is the newness, the excitement that allures me. So much so that  I find that I often I must remind myself that everything is okay, in moderation. Including Social.

Taking a step back

For the last month or so I have been doing my part to not be as obsessive with G+  particularly when I am at home. Home time is family time. Being able to wholly enjoy my family is easier when I am not wondering if I am missing something going on right now on G+. A great hangout, an incredible post, an entertaining comment train… Something. I must be missing something cool. Right?

As a result I have been carving out some ” G+ free ”  time on the weekends. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t check in once in a while when doing my ” G+ free ” time but during these periods, social is a total afterthought. Being free of the chains of curiosity and the unknown has helped me enjoy the time I have with my family and I am getting better at not being the guy in the room with his phone out and in hand for 70% of the time. I know others check their FB wall, or twitter stream just as frequently. My vice just happens to be G+. I don’t judge others and hope they won’t judge me…

Baby Steps

What about Bob? is a great movie. Baby Steps is the principle that Bob uses to guide through tasks that is phobias interfere with. At times I think Social creates some phobia(s) in that people expect to be connected and wired at the hip to the nth degree. Take a look at the new 4G commercials for AT&T where people are outdoing one another on current information that they are accessing through their smartphones. That is the culture we are in now. Need answer it is literally at your fingertips. With so much great content generation, curation and more it is easy to think that we may just be missing something if we too are not wired at the hip.

My brief reprieves from G+ lately are my small Baby Steps. When I get back on like I did this morning I feel like I have to play  ” catch up ” a little but at the end of the day not seeing all the great New Years post did not impact the great time I had with my wife and kids just hanging around the house yesterday one bit. We laughed, smiled, played, watched with one another.

Heading into 2012, and enjoying the community that is G+ I will need to execute more moderation in my practices and spending time in the social spaces.  Am I the only one that feels at times too connected to their social heartbeat?

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