Training BJJ with Google Glass

So last night was the first night I was able to use my new Google Glass in an Intro to BJJ at WorcesterMMA. I was a bit nervous that they may overheat as the temperature was high so I kept the video footage short.

I have to say during warmups I was amazed with how well Glass stayed on my head. I told a teammate that they actually stayed on better than my regular glasses.

Through the first two weeks with Glass I have been thrilled with comfort and fit and last night was no exception.

I recorded the warmup, Coach Dan explaining the technique we would be drilling and first person of me doing the technique and it being executed on me. I think that from a drilling and instructional standpoint, Glass can really make an impact with certain BJJ techniques.

See the video for full recap of me training BJJ with Google and check back for more as I will be recording more in the future.

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