Upgraded to Lion for iCloud for my MBP and iPad 1

So after putting it off for a long time I finally decided to update my mid year 2010 MBP to Lion OS. After reading some reviews in the app stores and overcoming my fear that it would be a pain. I clicked Buy App and proceeded.

The download took about a hour. After the restart I was glad to see everything was still there. I went through the brief tutorial and was back using my MBP. I won’t lie I had to switch the scrolling immediately, the whole inverted things wasn’t working with me.

I haven’t had the time to really play around and learn all the unique differences between Snow Leopard and Lion but so far so good.

The main reason I made this switch was for iCloud. I love the notion of being able to sync between devices automatically. Right now I use Thunderbird as my mail client. I just switched to Apple of my computing needs last December. Outlook had been my mail client for a better part of the last decade. I didn’t spring for the MS Office for Mac and Thunderbird seemed like a viable alternative. However, over the last couple of months it had been a bit wonky for me. Hanging, updating too frequently are a few of my grievances.  With the Iphone now available on Sprint, I am considering getting the 4s when it is available again. Being able to utilize iCloud to sync across all my devices is really appealing.

Up until this weekend I did not upgrade my iPad to IOS 5 as I didn’t really see or value the benefit(s). Recognizing that I should see what iCloud has to offer I decided it was time to do that. Upgrading was simple enough. I backed up my ipad, then connected it and downloaded the update to IOS 5. It also took about an hour to download. My only complaint is the fact that it took some synching to get my stuff back. Music and books were easy. Apps were easy enough and maybe I overlooked something but when they hit my iPad they were no longer organized. It took me two hours to get everything back into the appropriate folders. Not the end of the world but still a little bit of a pain.

Once I had the MBP and iPad on the iCloud I set it to handle my contacts. This overrode google sync which I have been using the whole time as my phone is the EVO 4G. I was wary but proceeded. I have to say that it took a little adjusting but I now have my iPad and MBP contacts all synched up. I am looking forward to using to gauge whether or not I will make the leap to the iPhone 4S. So far so good.

All in all, the updating and upgrading was smooth. Which I was pleased with. Sometimes I read a few reviews and get gun shy. In this case I am glad I went for it. I will be looking at Lion and iCloud tips on either apple.com or youtube.com at lunch so I insure I am getting the most bang for my buck.

Author: Daniel Fontaine

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