Write it down and stay organized

Write it down and stay organized

Business today is so closely tied to technology that most of us will use digital calendars, task lists and notes to stay organized throughout the day. I know I abandoned my paper and pencil Daily Action Planner about 2 years ago.

For years before I would leave for the day I would write down a list on a standard legal pad of what I had planned the following day. I followed the ” do the worst first ” method and it worked for me. I didn’t always fully complete my D.A.P but it really kept me on track throughout the week.

When I got my EVO 4G I started using Google Calendar and a note app to manage my days. Although it was easier and readily available when I was away from my office, it diminished my overall organizational effectiveness.

From the EVO I went to the iPhone 4S. Between my iPad, MBP and my iPhone and the Cloud and dropbox I was able to better manage my daily tasks. Even though I had better device integration, my system apparently was lacking as I was running into situations where something important would be missed or overlooked.

Back to Basics

Sometimes it makes the most sense to use K.I.S.S. I say this because about two months ago I decided to buy some legal pads and start using my basic, simple Daily Action Planner again. At the time there was a ton going on and it seem that I was letting tasks slip through the cracks left and right. Once I started using  ” old faithful ” my workflow improved and although I did use my iphone/ipad to manage some of it I felt I was getting more done and in a more timely manner. Something about physically crossing something off a list was rewarding for me. More so than checking a radio button on my ipad or even crossing it out digitally using a stylus and NotesPlus.

Since then I have relearned how to write it down and stay organized. Most days I am in the office, I spend the last 10-15 minutes planning the following day. I normally carry over what wasn’t accomplished or is awaiting an answer first, then tasks that I deem to be the ” worst ” and then any additional items that need to be addressed.

It really has made a tremendous impact and I am thankful for having returned to my old ways. I do feel like I should work and find a better way to manage my days affairs via technology and find a system that works for me but in the meantime I am embracing good old pencil and paper!

Author: Dan Fontaine

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